Terms and Conditions 2013

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A deposit of £500, as part of the fees, is due when a writer accepts membership of the Academy. Membership of the Academy is for life, and entitles members to attend all NAW events, including Patron Visits on other courses. There are no annual fees after the first year.

Refunds of the deposit are given in the unlikely event that a course is cancelled.  If a new member withdraws with a minimum of eight weeks notice prior to the scheduled start date of the course, a refund of the deposit will be given minus a £75 administration charge.

The first instalment of fees (£1250) is payable 4 weeks before the beginning of the course.  If you need to cancel less than 8 weeks before the course takes place, we will do our best to find a replacement and if we succeed, the balance of your deposit and fee will be returned less a £150 reservation charge. If we fail, we reserve the right to retain the full fee.

There is a provision for payment of fees in instalments:

4 weeks before Session 1 - £1250
4 weeks before Session 2 - £1250
4 weeks before Session 3 - £1000

Members who pay in advance in full are entitled to a 5% discount and will pay a total of £3800 (including deposit).  Payment should be by cheque made payable to The National Academy of Writing. Failure to settle fees in full before 17 July 2013 will result in exclusion from the NAW anthology and all remaining course sessions.

No student may obtain a refund once he/she has attended the first two days of an eight week session. To discontinue the course, a request must be made in writing to the Course Director. 

If a member wishes to postpone a place to continue at a later date once they have started, this request must be made in writing to the Director – it is a discretionary decision by the Course Director. NAW members remain responsible for payment of remaining fees should they not attend a booked place and provide no prior notice. The Director has the right to dismiss from a course any course member who is disruptive.

There are three formal opportunities to give NAW staff and Board members feedback on the course, one at the end of each session.  For any other concerns, NAW members can speak directly to the Course Co-ordinator or Director at any time.

All information regarding the NAW course is correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to make changes to courses but will always endeavor to replace visiting speakers with writers or industry professionals of equal experience and standing.

We cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense sustained by NAW members as a result of an event or circumstance whether arising from natural cause, human agency, or beyond its control otherwise.

The National Academy of Writing is led by practising writers and has extensive contacts in the publishing industry through the NAW Board of Directors, Patrons and Partners. Admission to the course as a member of The National Academy of Writing does not guarantee publication.