NAW Spring 2016

Monday, 07 March 2016

As the daylight lengthens and springtime thoughts turn again to the joys of creation, NAW resumes our series of Public Edits hosted by Writers & Artists in London. Everyone attending a Public Edit can submit a 2000 word text - two texts are chosen at random and receive a close reading in front of an audience from NAW Director and writer Richard Beard. The edit for one becomes an edit for all, and NAW's long-running Public Edit is probably best described by one of the many writers who over the years has taken part: ‘as bracing and vital as a Nordic sauna. Beard is authoritative yet sympathetic, insightful but never cutting.’ 

The first Public Edit of the year features novelist Emma Healey in the guest writer spot. Emma will talk about her process as a writer, describing the nuts and bolts of how she came to write her world-wide bestselling debut novel, Elizabeth is Missing. Those words didn't get on the page by themselves. 

Also starting in March is the ten-week Writing is Re-writing course designed exclusively by NAW for Writers & Artists. This new and unique course will help writers transform an early draft into a more complete, thoroughly-edited manuscript. The course is for writers of any genre who have already started a novel, and is designed to troubleshoot obstacles and move the work towards a carefully considered and edited reincarnation.

As well as focused NAW tuition and workshops on works-in-progress, the course will be visited by award-winning authors Elizabeth Buchan, Nikesh Shukla, Sarah Perry and Mick Jackson. Our tour of today's publishing industry will be completed by literary agent Nicola Barr and publisher Alexandra Pringle.

The course takes place each Wednesday for ten weeks from 16th March to 18th May 2016, and lasts for two and a half hours (6pm-8.30pm). The course is held at Bloomsbury Publishing, 50 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP.