NAW Public Edit for Writers and Artists

Monday, 11 May 2015

NAW is putting on an evening event for Writers and Artists in their Bloomsbury home on 16th June. This is an evening event (6.30-8.30) that will demonstrate the NAW Public Edit followed by a talk from guest author Christie Watson.

As always, everyone attending an NAW Public Edit may submit a text of up to 2000 words. The writing can be any genre of fiction or narrative non-fiction, and two of these submissions will be chosen at random and distributed to ticket-holders in advance.

NAW Director Richard Beard will then publicly edit these texts in front of the audience, working on the principle that all writers face similar challenges and an edit for one is an edit for all. For The National Academy of Writing, it's an article of faith that more can be learned by looking in detail at specific pieces of writing than from any number of Creative Writing generalisations.

In the second hour, Costa First Novel Award Winner Christie Watson will talk about her process as a writer, taking the infamous 'pen or word-processor?' question seriously. How do writers get the work done? What does it take to fix the words on the page? As an expert on herself and her own work, Christie will explain the processes she followed to produce the prize-winning and widely-translated novels Tiny Sunbirds Far Away and Where Women are Kings. 

Details about ticketing, along with information about how to submit a text for the NAW Public Edit, are available on the events page at the Writers and Artists website.