Creative Writing Course in an Evening Dates 2014

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dates for NAW's 'Creative Writing Course in an Evening' 2014

The 'Creative Writing Course in an Evening' is a two-hour NAW event that offers insights into the skills needed to write and re-write effective texts. The first hour is the unique NAW Masterclass with NAW Director Richard Beard.

The NAW Masterclass is a public edit that answers the need to learn about craft in the most direct way, by looking closely at specific pieces of writing. The NAW Masterclass works on the Conservatoire principle that all writers face similar problems. An edit for one is an edit for all. 

Anyone attending may submit a text of up to 2000 words, in any genre of fiction or narrative non-fiction. Two texts will be chosen at random, the writers notified, and their work distributed to the other ticket-holders in advance. 

Each edit takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and the writers of the texts have a right of reply. The writers and audience receive a copy of the detailed Masterclass edit to take away.

‘Impressive ... precise, intelligent and unarguable.' Leo Benedictus, Prospect magazine
‘After my initial shock, I felt pathetically grateful.’ Nigel Farndale, Sunday Telegraph

And from writers who’ve attended the NAW public edit:

‘So useful’, ‘sharp analysis’, ‘excellent’, ‘particularly useful’, ‘invaluable advice’, ‘disciplined/rigorous’. ‘very rewarding’, ‘lots of helpful stuff about language and character etc, with a level of insight and precision that is bloody breathtaking’, ‘great’, ‘excellent feedback and points made’, 'really useful and hugely enjoyable.'

In the second hour an established writer will take the 'pen or word-processor?' question seriously. How do writers get the work done? What does it take to get the words on the page?

Writers who have spoken at NAW events include David Almond, Iain Banks, Kevin Barry, Elizabeth Buchan, Frances Fyfield, Keith Ridgway, Jane Harris, Jojo Moyes and Minette Walters.

The event will take place from 6-8pm at the Freeword Centre, Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA  on the following dates:

Thursday 27th February

Monday 24th March

Monday 19th May

Monday 16th June

Tickets will be available for one month before each event at Eventbrite.