Courses 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

New 10-Week Course Starting October 2014

‘Beard's unique public edits are as bracing and vital as a Nordic sauna. He is authoritative yet sympathetic, insightful but never cutting.’
Mike Aylwin, NAW 2013

The next NAW ten-week course will run from early October at the Free Word Centre in London. Six writers will be selected for this course, and applications can be made after reading the full course details here

This course is suitable for writers who wish to improve their work through detailed attention to language and narrative strategies, and the six writers chosen for the course will benefit from editorial feedback generated by the unique NAW Public Edit.

The ten weeks also feature the NAW workshop, presentations on various narrative techniques, mentoring and visits by a publisher and an agent who give an overview of the industry as it is today. 

 “The course works as a whole entity. Having the visit breaks every 3 weeks is one of the many design aspects that I think works perfectly.”
Christine Breen Williams, author of Her Name is Rose (St Martins Press, New York 2015), and NAW 2011.