10-Week Course with Writers & Artists March-May 2016

Wednesday, 09 December 2015

Writing is Re-Writing

16th March - 18th May 2016

NAW is delighted to have joined up with Writers & Artists to present a ten-week course dedicated to helping writers transform an early draft into a more complete, thoroughly-edited manuscript.

This new and unique course is for writers of any genre who have already started a novel, but are unsure what to do next. Whether you’ve stalled or think you’re nearly finished – as long as you have a partial draft in some form, this course is for you. It is designed to troubleshoot obstacles and dramatically improve the work, leaving you with a re-written, carefully considered and edited incarnation of your novel.

Led by NAW Director, editor and novelist Richard Beard, the course will look at essential elements of the writing craft and how you can apply them to your own manuscript, including writing exercises that directly involve the material of your novel-in-progress. Particular attention will be paid to the opening of your book – the first hook for readers, agents and publishers – which will receive concentrated workshop feedback from the group and course leaders. 

As well as focused sessions with Richard, award-winning authors Elizabeth Buchan, Nikesh Shukla, Sarah Perry and Mick Jackson will provide insights into the practicalities of their writing lives. You’ll hear from uber literary agent Nicola Barr on the submission process, and an editor from a leading publishing house will give an overview of how the publishing industry currently operates. 

Evening sessions take place each Wednesday for ten weeks from 16th March to 18th May 2016, and last for two and a half hours (6pm-8.30pm). The course will be held at Bloomsbury Publishing, 50 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP.